University Classes:
Green Belt
Black Belt
Advanced Leadership

On-Site Classes:
Green Belt

For clients with multiple attendees, an on-site class may make sense, and allow for greater focus. Students are eligible for certification by the University of Nevada, Reno.

Student feedback from a Q3-2017 on-site class.

“Rishi, great class!  I really look forward to implementing some of the stuff I learned … Here is the box I’m buying to hang up for use as a suggestion box.”

“Thank you for the great classes so far.  You are able to convey a lot of information very quickly and in a way we can understand. I especially liked the Kaizen simulation we did.  We were able to get immediate ideas on how we can improve our current process.”

“Rishi, I must say that was by far my favorite class.  I learn more by doing and that kind of interaction was priceless.”

Informal Presentations:
Dinner Talks

For professional organizations and companies curious about what exactly LEAN is and if it is a potential solution for them, an introductory talk/presentation is a good first option. eta commits itself to several such talks per quarter.