University Classes:
Green Belt
Black Belt
Advanced Leadership

eta’s work in academia includes classroom instruction and certification through the University of Nevada, Reno.

University of Nevada, Reno–Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program

University of Nevada, Reno–Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program

University of Nevada, Reno-Advanced Leadership Academy

“The class was awesome today and has empowered me to strengthen my voice to help xxxxx succeed. Your son was quite an inspiration; thanks for sharing the video. I also enjoyed how the class was more engaged and everyone participated (with some prodding from you). I learn so much from the input from my classmates and learn that I am not alone with my frustrations.”

“Another awesome class on Friday! Thank you for engaging and challenging us to reach a higher level of improvement; the Zoom people are missing out on the team atmosphere that occurs in the classroom.”

“I thank you again for your studies and vast knowledge in SSL. I’m very happy to have taken this course and more to come with you and the UNR team.”

“I have watched the video McKinsey on Change Management several times now, mainly because that is the hardest thing to do in a small company like I’m a part of. It gives me the courage to challenge my Staff level and like that bull and goat film just keep pushing!”

“Rishi Malhotra, thank you for instructing this awesome course! Everyone, it is well worth it to take this class with the University of Nevada Reno. I feel inspired to help xxxxx go to greater heights. #LSSGreenBelt”

On-Site Classes:
Green Belt

For clients with multiple attendees, an on-site class may make sense, and allow for greater focus. Students are eligible for certification by the University of Nevada, Reno.

Student feedback from a Q3-2017 on-site class.

“Rishi, great class!  I really look forward to implementing some of the stuff I learned … Here is the box I’m buying to hang up for use as a suggestion box.”

“Thank you for the great classes so far.  You are able to convey a lot of information very quickly and in a way we can understand. I especially liked the Kaizen simulation we did.  We were able to get immediate ideas on how we can improve our current process.”

“Rishi, I must say that was by far my favorite class.  I learn more by doing and that kind of interaction was priceless.”

Informal Presentations:
Dinner Talks

For professional organizations and companies curious about what exactly LEAN is and if it is a potential solution for them, an introductory talk/presentation is a good first option. eta commits itself to several such talks per quarter.