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Crossfield Products Corp. is a manufacturer of a variety of construction coating, overlay, and fluid-applied flooring materials. Established in 1938, Crossfield was one of the first companies to use synthetic polymers to modify concrete mixtures to create what is known today as Polymer Modified Concrete (PMC). Although Crossfield may be best known for its Dex-O-Tex®, Miracote® and Dex-O-Tex® Marine brands, the company also does a sizeable business in contract manufacturing, toll blending, and private label manufacturing.

Crossfield has plants located in Rancho Dominguez, CA, Torrance, CA, and Roselle Park, NJ, and supplies materials to all of the world’s continents.

What started as small-cautious steps, soon turned into a big project.  In a multi-phased approach, we were able to assist Crossfield with:

  • Saving more than $1 million per year
  • Reducing finished goods inventory by 78%
  • Reducing space requirements by 47%
  • Improving lead time by 25%
  • Eliminating the need for an external warehouse
  • Developing a new production scheduling methodology
  • Creating a workload balancing system
  • Increasing productivity by using 5S and visual factory concepts
  • Reducing raw material cost by consolidating and standardizing packaging sizes

Because of Lean, Crossfield was able to grow, and they hired more people in support of their growth.  A key win at Crossfield was change management – although it took some time, everyone at Crossfield embraced Lean Thinking.