Pacific Propeller, Inc.





Since 1946, Pacific Propeller International has provided repair and overhaul (R&O) services on a number of aircraft platforms. Today these include the DASH 8, DASH 7, ATR42&72 and the C-130 Hercules and P-3 Orion propeller assemblies. PPI operates out of its 64,000 square foot facility in Kent, Washington.

The 1994 purchase of PPI by Precision Aerospace Corporation, located in Kirkland, Washington, has allowed PPI to grow into an R&O industry leader serving over 80 nations worldwide.

PPI asked us to target reducing their turnaround time (lead time).

Key process were identified and mapped. During the mapping sessions, much of the waste was identified and a plan to eliminate waste and non-value adding activities was developed.

Upon execution of the plan, PPI was able to increase productivity by 24% and decrease production time by 21%. With the continued use of lean principles, PPI wants to double their output within two years.