Gary Platt




JIT (Just-In-Time)
Continuous Improvement


Gary Platt Manufacturing has been in the casino seating business since 1996. At the inception, the founders of the company had over 40 years of experience in the casino seating industry in a related company prior to establishing Gary Platt Manufacturing. The company was relocated from Southern California to Reno, Nevada in 1999.

Gary Platt produces seating exclusively for casinos including slots, table games, poker, bar-top, and bingo. The company was founded on the concept that a high quality more comfortable chair would increase player’s “time on device” and as a result, casino revenues.

After going through our Lean Six Sigma Certification program, one of Gary Platt’s executives engaged us to conduct a kaizen event in one of their production departments.

A team was formed to create a charter for the event, which led to considerable discovery in connection with what could be targeted for improvement. Once some of the waste was eliminated, product flow was smoothened out, layout was optimized, and scheduling was done in smaller batches, Gary Platt had the highest-production day in history, for that department.

We now continue to deliver more Kaizen events for Gary Platt.