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Maxim’s technologies range from sensor platforms to IC solutions for embedded security, power management, interface, communications, and much more. Maxim’s products help:

  • Make cars safer and smarter
  • Build efficient datacenters for a multi-cloud world
  • Automate factories that maximize productivity
  • Deliver wearable solutions for a healthier world
  • Enhance mobile devices with high-quality audio, efficient power and battery management, and sophisticated sensors
  • Secure challenging embedded applications, while lowering power and enabling greater integration
  • Deliver the analog backbone for a wide variety of applications

Maxim requested help with inculcating a Lean culture company-wide.

Apart from training in Lean, we helped Maxim build their Lean program, and develop Lean Leaders.

Also as part of the engagement, we orchestrated several kaizen events.  These events were run by us in the initial stages, but handed off to Maxim Lean Leaders over time.  These same Lean Leaders are now spreading the practice of Lean throughout the organization.